Pulled Pork, Meat Shredding Machine

Acorn Meat Shredder | Pulled Pork Machine

UK designed & manufactured industrial meat shredding machines.

Our industrial meat pulling and shredding machines provide a fast, clean and versatile solution for producing pulled and shredded meats quickly and efficiently.

Perfect Pulled Pork in Seconds...

Using a dual motor system, an outer paddle agitates and lifts the meat onto the high speed rotating shaft which shreds. The whole process takes a mere few seconds and each unit has an incredibly simple yet robust control system allowing you to tweak the timings and speeds to get it perfect for your products.

Safety first, easy cleaning & a simple control system...

Putting safety first, each unit is fully guarded and will not operate if any of the covers or hatches are open. Cleaning and hygienic is also a breeze as the curved stainless steel drum lends itself to easy hosing and washing down. Removing your finished product from the machine is as simple as opening the under-tray and allowing the shredded meat to fall out into your tray or container.

Versatility as standard | Shred, chop, mix, marinate, tumble and more..

Our meat shredding machines are designed to be as versatile as possible to give maximum scope to our customers' product requirements. Primarily our meat shredding machines are designed to produce "pulled pork", however other related processes are achievable with just one machine. These include...

Tumbling | Marinating | Chopping | Mixing

See it in action | Test your products...

We usually have a shredding machine on stock for trials and demo purposes. Call us today to book a viewing and see it in action.

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Achieve More, Spend Less

A single unit can shred, tumble, marinate, chop and mix making it a great addition to any processing area.

Food Mixing, Stirring, Agitating Machine

Machine Demonstrating Mixing & Marinating